Our Mission

The mission of our business is to be "relentless in the pursuit of excellent innovations" within the business categories  we engage in. The Sam Perks Company, LLC is the parent of a variety of organizations which all focus on efficient and customized insertion of technology into business.

We primarily focus on businesses that maintain a physical presence. We strive to assist our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their business, with specialized solutions that make it easier to succeed. We demonstrate the skill of our team and the viability of our solutions by offering more value for less cost at every juncture. 

As our business and consumer offerings expand, and as we improve upon the things that have already made us a market leader in so many areas, we base our business on the same single principle that has led us to where we are. 

Be Relentlessly Excellent

Our team

Sam Perks


Sam Perks legally founded The Sam Perks Company, LLC on March 9, 2018 as a Florida Limited Liability Company. That, was our company's first "incorporated" day. However, Sam had been a record setting commercial real estate specialist in both Illinois and Florida for nearly 10 years prior. 

Sam's has always focused on delivering exceptional results, cultivating meaningful relationships, and constantly looking for new ways to innovate and outperform the competition.

His leadership style is one of true team mentality. There is no job beneath him. He reminds his employees daily: "if you have an ability to help, you have an obligation to help," and he leads by example.

Executive Assistant:

Zasha Kuznetsov


Drew fontenot

Executive Vice-President/Principal

Drew Fontenot is an owner and executive with The Sam Perks Company, LLC. Drew's primary objective is to develop and implement the seamless cooperation of our different lines of business.

Drew is directly responsible for HR management, communications systems, and development design across all companies.

For our customers, Drew leads the teams that provide on-site contract services. He also directly supervises digital design services, market research, our managed marketing service platform, and vendor accounts. 

Drew is exceptionally skilled at working with our customer to understand their needs, and communicate solutions to our implementation teams. Once a new project is acquired, Drew makes sure that everyone is happy, and things are working they way they should. 

(954) 903-0102 ext. 102


David Seif

General Counsel

David Seif received his Juris Doctor from the Emory University School of Law, and has been in private practice for more than 27 years. During that time, David has acquired a unique depth of skill in real estate law, general litigation, and a variety of other specialties. 


In addition to practicing law, David's office also provides title services through the country's most prestigious underwriters.

David is also of counsel at the construction litigation firm Soto Law Group.

David's calm and thoughtful approach to finding solutions, and his extensive legal experience make him an indispensable counselor in law and in business.

Joe Anglin

Senior Vice President

Business Development

(954) 903-0102 ext. 103


LIsa Gibson

VP-Business Operations

Fort Lauderdale Office

(954) 903-0102 ext. 106


Brandon Fontenot

VP-Business Operations

Knoxville Office

(954) 903-0102 ext. 104


Tana Comer

General Manager

Perks Hospitality Management

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