Our Hospitality Management Clients Increased Year-Over-Year Revenue by an average of 31.6% in 2019. All of our new clients made more money with Perks Hospitality Management compared to the prior year without.

Your Custom Hotel Management Package can include:

  • Housekeeping Services

  • Maintenance and Construction

  • Marketing & Customer Acquisition

  • Rebranding/Repositioning

  • Revenue Enhancements

  • IT/Hotel Technology Enhancements

  • Comprehensive Planning

Stop Paying for Software    Add Guest Amenities    Low Flat Rates

Let Us Elevate Your Guest's Experience

We know how to make your hotel unforgettable






Hotel TV




COVID-19 Response Ready



Boutique Hotels

Our hospitality management division started by working with small, boutique hotel owners to improve workflows, modernize processes, and increase revenue by acquiring and retaining new customers.

As our business has grown, our boutique customers have remained a top priority. We now have the ability to offer corporate scale services and technology to our small business customers. 

With The Perks Hospitality Management, you can compete with anyone.


We know that a vacation is more than just a bed to sleep on. The Sam Perks Company shares your passion for providing unique and one-of-a-kind experiences to resort guests.

We have developed some of the most efficient and seamless systems in the world for managing guest experience throughout the resort environment.

Unify amenities, manage staff, control inventory, communicate with vendors, and impress your guests with Perks Hospitality Management.

Individual Services

à la carte

From mini-bars to Michelin Stars, we know how to meet your goals in food and beverage service.

Cleanliness is next to godliness as they say. It doesn't take a miracle to offer 5-Star cleaning. Just talented people

Customer Acquisition

Paying OTAs too much?

Lowering prices too low?

Giving away your margin in free upgrades?

We have a few ideas you will like better.

IT and Tech

Internet, Television, In-Room Entertainment, Access Control, Security Cameras.

All Working Together.


Food & Beverage

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